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Global AgeWatch Insights 2018: Report, summary and country profiles

Global AgeWatch Insights 2018 cover imageGlobal AgeWatch Insights provides an overview of the progress being made in realising the right to health of older people around the world today.

It also explores the extent to which health systems are fit for purpose as the world's population rapidly ages, and what changes can be made to ensure the right to health for all people regardless of age. This will help not only the older people of today, but also for generations to come.

The report illustrates the deficits in health and wellbeing experienced by older people. It shows how health systems, and universal health coverage must adapt as the global disease burden shifts towards non-communicable diseases. Crucially, the report provides a clear path to action on the data issues and gaps that currently block effective health systems planning and implementation for older people in low and middle-income countries.

Download the report, summary and country profiles


Global AgeWatch Insights (16.6mb)

Global AgeWatch Insights: Executive summary (1.4mb)

Country profiles (all 1.5mb):


Global AgeWatch Insights: Executive summary (2.3mb) 


Global AgeWatch Insights: Executive summary (1mb)


Global AgeWatch Insights: Executive summary (1.5mb)